A new factory in Latvia!

On November 7th 2014, we opened a new “Auto Cardan” factory in the Latvian town of Aizkraukle, with production premises having an area of 1100 square metres.

We moved to the new production premises in the year of the 15th anniversary of “Auto Cardan”. Client service is much more pleasant at our new, spacious factory, and we will be able to work at greater capacity in the new building.

“Auto Cardan” is the biggest manufacturer and repairer of cardan joints in Baltic States. In 2012, the company opened another cardan factory in Tallinn – “Auto Cardan” OÜ.

“Auto Cardan” is the only Baltic company to have received ISO certificates for manufacturing and repairing cardans, and operates in accordance with Automotive standard ISO/TS 16949. The company has also received a Europa system certificate of “GKN Driveline Industrial & Distribution Services”. Our partners are the world’s biggest cardan manufacturer “Dana Spicer” and the German company “Welte”.

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