ContiMix 120-320 t/h


ContiMix I 180 t/h

The Conti Mix combines the advantages of both worlds : batch and continuous. Winning features include high production output and flexibility in its choice of recipe with the added benefit of lower investment cost. Thanks to the twinshaft continuous mixer, the Conti Mix produces a high homogeneity, constant quality, mixed material. The heat – sensitive bitumen, in particular, may be added to the mixed material outside of the dryer.

The clear separation of the material heating and mixing processes reduces emissions and allows all the ingredients to be fed easily and accurately directly into the mixer. The mixer also serves as a buffer and allows recipe – changes on the fly, which considerably reduces the stop / start losses thereby keeping production costs low.

In its wheeled mobile version, the Conti Mix is installed on four trailers set up in the factory ready for immediate operation. The Conti Mix I is outstanding due to the superb mixture quality and the advantages of a simple and economical plant concept. This design is available with a number of options such as a separate hot mix storage silo.

Benefits at a glance

  • Investment and operating costs reduced to the bare minimum
  • Outstanding mixing output and mix quality
  • Clear separation of heating and mixing process
  • No loss of material during start – up and shut down

ContiMix II 120-320 t/h

The stationary version of the Conti Mix is extremely compact and thus requires minimal space. Due to its low installation height the plant can also be enclosed with ease. It has also been prepared for the integration of all recycling methods. Furthermore, due to the low number of mechanical conveying elements no scraper chain conveyor is required. The encapsulation of dust and bitumen fumes is also incorporated into the concept.

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