Universal 160-400 t/h


Universal 160-360 t/h

The Universal is an asphalt mixing plant that has been tried and tested over the years, with a vast range of variants. The extensive variety of available equipment enables us to offer an individually tailored plant configuration to meet virtually any customer wishes. This means : comprehensive solutions for a vast range of market requirements. A wide spectrum of capacities and coniguration is available. Storage for 200 t of hot aggregate, two separate rows of silos or a gigantic 56 m² hot screen – when it comes to flexibility, the Universal can meet virtually any requirement, and there is almost no limit to the possibilities for combining the different components. A truly ‘universal’ plant !

Benefits at a glance

  • Tried and tested plant design
  • Flexible economic use combined with high performance
  • Broad range of equipment enables a high degree of customised system configuration

Universal NG 240-360 t/h

The market calls for new standards. Demand for integrated systems to process high proportions of Recycling asphalt ( RA ) is growing, and the same applies to housings that minimise noise and dust emissions. Addition facilities for all commonly used additives and systems for automated sampling will soon be part of the standard equipment. The Universal NG is our response to all these market needs – thus setting new standards for the future.

Universal asphalt mixing plants from Ammann have been a byword for years. And now, “ NG ” stands for Next Generation – our response to rising energy prices, complex environmental conditions and increased requirements for asphalt manufacture with low investment costs.

Benefits at a glance

  • Significant dust reduction through mixer tower ventilation and extraction
  • Short assembly times through extensive factory pre-assembly and clearly defined interfaces
  • Concept includes the admixture of special ingredients for aggregates of the future
  • Integrated quality assurance through aggregate, filler and bitumen sampling

Universal S 240-400 t/h

By integrating the parallel drum system into the design, we have made it possible to add up to 60 % of used asphalt: this optimises the material flow and makes the mixing plant unusually compact. As an option, the parallel drum can be replaced by a complete row of hot aggregate silos. This allows two screening lines, four rows of silos and a total storage capacity of 1 000 tonnes of hot aggregate.

The mixed material storage silos with a capacity of up to 1 170 tonnes can be arranged next to one another or behind one another, depending on the charging method. Extension is possible in the drive-through direction. The total enclosure is already factored into the static calculation.

Benefits at a glance

  • Mixed material storage silo extendible in drive direction
  • Optimal pay-back on large annual outputs, high recycling proportion and complex recipe and customer structure
  • Fully integrated parallel drum for an optimised material flow

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