Our team

Manufacturing and repairs of cardan shafts (prop shafts) is a team work, therefore, in order to develop a solid team, it is important for us to operate in the positive environment. In our spare time, we derive our energy enjoying the nature, spending our time together with our family, friends and dear people and take part in various physical activities like you.

Agris Kārkliņš

Member of the Board

During the employment in SIA Auto Cardan, Agris Kārkliņš values a chance to help you find some technical solutions and do it better than anyone else. The quality and excellent service are a guarantee of successful operation of any company.

In his spare time Agris participates in rally and takes part in breathtaking drives, for example, along the streets of Monaco by LADA WRC.

Rally is a hobby of Agris – it lets him set his mind free from business and focus on sharp turning points, yet sometimes Agris gladly goes in for biking and spends his evenings, watching films.

Mobile: +371 29666661

E-mail: agris@autocardan.eu

Kaspars Kalnriekstiņš


Kaspars Kalnriekstiņš came to work in SIA Auto Cardan as a result of field practice. After the practice he was offered a regular job in the company.

Kaspars would definitely not select his car according to the type of drive, but it would be a make of some German manufacturer. Kaspars has not thought of the best car for rally yet.

In his spare time Kaspars goes fishing and hunting, and takes part in other activities in the nature or just relaxes.

Mobile: +371 29391206

Fax: +371 65122620

E-mail: kaspars@autocardan.eu

Jānis Riekstiņš

Motor Engineer

Jānis Riekstiņš is a cheerful and witty person, because when asked – what encouraged him to work in this particular sector? – Jānis would answer that he simply didn’t have anything else to do.

has always found his car to be the best, because the parts of all cars break down. Nevertheless if you saw a roofless Zaporozhets in the Monaco rally, then its driver would definitely be Jānis.

In his spare time Jānis likes to go finishing or relax without hindrance, simply having a nap.

Aivis Skangals

Lathe Operator

Aivis Skangals has found the job he likes very much, therefore he gets a great sense of fulfillment and joy, working and providing assistance to people with the technical solutions of cardan shafts (prop shafts).

In his spare time Aivis can be found in the nature. In winter he is keen to engage in mountain skiing, but in winter – in other types of active recreation to increase the level of adrenaline in his blood and strike a spark for his every day life. But when he feels like taking a break from active sports, Aivis goes fishing.

Artis Melbārdis

Lathe Operator

Artis Melbārdis has always known that he is going to work in the world of technologies since his early school age therefore, working in SIA Auto Cardan, he does his job with great sense of responsibility. Besides, Artis can solve various issues from different view points because he is a lefthander.

Speaking of technologies Artis keeps saying that the neighbor’s car always seems more interesting than his own, because he already knows all parameters of his car, therefore it gets boring soon. At present Artis would be glad to purchase VW Multivan, but, in order to get some extreme emotions and enjoy the speed, he would definitely agree to drive a round by Lamborghini Diablo.

If Artis is not together with his family in his spare time, he is actively working out in the gym and has a craze for bodybuilding.

Maksims Jerjomka

Comercial Vehicle Sales Manager

Mobile: +371 29995574

E-mail: maksims@autocardan.eu