SIA Auto Cardan will provide the necessary solution according to your needs

We, the qualified specialists of SIA Auto Cardan will help you solve the issues related with repairs and manufacturing of cardan shafts (prop shafts) according to the technologies developed by the German company GKN Driveline Industrial & Distribution Services, as well as provide you with other technological solutions to improve cardan drives.

We will manufacture a cardan shaft (prop shaft) according to the required parameters and depending on your purpose – for vehicles, fixed and other types of devices, which require management of torsional strength.

Our qualified specialists work according to the highest standards of safety, providing you with a chance to restore the parts of your cardan shafts (prop shafts) and save the financial means you would require having a new cardan shaft manufactured.

In order to deliver your cardan shaft (prop shaft) to repairs and receive a restored or brand new cardan shaft, we offer you three options of dispatch:

  • We offer you to use our courier service – we will receive your cardan shaft and deliver it directly to your door;
  • You are offered a chance to deliver and receive your cardan shaft in any of our support locations – in the shops Akumulatoru centrs in Riga;
  • You can deliver and receive your cardan shaft by your vehicle;

We guarantee the quality for any cardan shafts (prop shafts) manufactured or fully restored by us and offer you a warranty period of 1 year.

Other services:

  • repairing and balancing of cardan shafts (prop shafts);
  • adjusting of parameters of cardan shafts (prop shafts) – shortening or extending;
  • changing and sales of the cardan shafts’ trunnion crosses and hanger bearings;
  • repairing of mountings of the axle bearings of wheels of semi-trailers.
  • puspiekabju riteņu asu gultņu sēžu atjaunošana.

In order to receive more information, please contact our specialists and we will be glad to provide you some consultations and answers to all of your questions.