EasyBatch 90-140 t/h


Benefits at a glance

  • No concrete foundations required, a consolidated surface is sufficient
  • Plant is pre-assembled and tested at the factory
  • Max. width: 3 meters
  • Can be installed without a crane
  • Extremely fast set-up and relocation times
  • Wide range of options

The ultra-mobile mixing plant
The EasyBatch was consistently designed with maximum mobility in mind. It is available with 90 t/h and 140 t/h capacity. This complete, stand-alone asphalt mixing plant fits onto just two trailers, and can be set up with no need for lifting gear. This makes the EasyBatch ideal for multiple relocations during the year, and it is ready to produce again within two days of a move. The plant was specifically designed to produce asphalt reliably and independently in regions with little developed infrastructure.

EasyBatch 90
Simply connect the EasyBatch 90 to the power supply (e.g. from a generator) and it’s ready to operate. This mobile batch mixing plant delivers a maximum mixing rate of 90 t/h and is fitted with a 10 t hot aggregate silo. A filler silo or extra bitumen tanks can be added to the EasyBatch 90 as options. It is also possible to feed cold RA or additives directly into the mixer.

EasyBatch 90 options

  • Cold RA feed directly into the mixer
  • Bitumen tanks
  • Filler silo
  • Coriolis flow counter for the bitumen feed

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