Euromax, 2-4 axles, extendable


EUROMAX SEMI LOW LOADER, The EUROMAX is a universally usable low loader that has been optimised for different transport tasks in the European area. The EUROMAX is based on 2 to 4 axles and can be extended (single telescoping). Due to its low dead weight and low structure, the EUROMAX enables pan-European transport tasks to be accomplished with payloads of up to 32 tonnes while adhering to national regulations for normal freight traffic within 40/44 tonnes. The EUROMAX is designed for a maximum payload of 32 tonnes within a combination weight of up to 48 tonnes. SUSPENSION AND STEERING: The EUROMAX is equipped with pneumatic suspension. Either friction steered axles or hydraulic knuckle-steering axles are used for steering. EQUIPMENT & ACCESSORIES EUROMAX can be tailored individually to the transport requirements. The equipment options include: Ramp systems, Extendable, Wheel & excavator troughs, Hydraulically lift- and lowerable platform, Outriggers, AREAS OF USE: Its ultra-light construction makes the Faymonville EUROMAX a particularly agile and versatile semi low loader. Haulage companies that undertake not only special transport but also carry normal freight (e.g. on the return journey) get a vehicle that is optimised for flexibility and economy in the EUROMAX. The EUROMAX is suitable among other things for the pan-EU transport of: Lighter construction machines (excavation and road construction), Lifting vehicles (lifting platforms, fork-lift trucks, …), Containers, Bulky goods, long materials and other heavy loads

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