Prime 100-140 t/h


Prime 100-140 t/h

Top mobility guaranteed
Prime is the highly mobile version of Ammann’s very successful continuous asphalt mixing plants. It was developed specifically for markets where high mobility is in demand. All continuous asphalt mixing plants from Ammann are equipped with a continuously running two-shaft paddle mixer, and the Prime is no exception. One of its special features is a controllable outlet gate that enables the filling height and therefore the mixing time to be set depending on recipe and output. The outlet gate also drastically reduces losses during start-up and shut-down of production.

Process - optimised
Clearly separating the drying and mixing processes leads to significant advantages with regard to mixing quality and emission behaviour. There is no risk of bitumen vapours or filler material contaminating the exhaust air as the dryer is fully self - contained.
The mixer is detached from the thermal process; it is therefore possible to adapt the mixing process to a specific mixing task and to feed additives such as fibres into the mix far away from where the heating process takes place. The result is an uncompromised process with optimum and independent control of each process step.

Latest technology included
Ammann is the only provider to control the entire value-adding chain and to consequentially guarantee the quality of the asphalt conditioning process from start to finish. Numerous upgrade options and accessories can be added to the Prime at any time, making it the best choice to get the most out of your investment in the long term.

Modern control system guarantees safe production
The entire plant is operated safely, simply and fully automatic with the help of control software. A modern control system regulates and controls every process and guarantees safe, high - quality production. The system alerts the operator if he needs to intervene or, in the event of an emergency, switches the plant into a safe state. The operator can switch to manual operation at any time.


Benefits at a glance

  • Highly mobile, compact continuous asphalt mixing plant
  • Produces high-quality asphalt thanks to the clear separation of the drying and mixing processes
  • Additives, fibres, Ammann Foam etc., can be added optional far away from the heat source
  • Adjustable mixing time according to recipe and capacity

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