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par-mumsThe origins of SIA Auto Cardan

SIA Auto Cardan was established in 2012 by amalgamation of SIA Auto Cardan and the well known Latvian company SIA Auto Kardāns. Auto Kardāns was founded as a result of cooperation between the German company GKN Service International and SIA Auto Kada. Since 1999, we provide manufacturing and repairs of the quality cardan shafts (prop shafts), using the state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies.

Not only technical work

Manufacturing of cardan shafts is also a very creative process, when the technological knowledge meets with the needs of customers, the most convenient solution must be found. There are different cardan shafts (prop shafts), therefore our engineers should make different drawings to develop the cardan shafts that correspond with their parameters and provide quality.

We operate throughout the Baltic States

We provide our services all over the territory of the Baltic region – we have distributed our branches in Lithuania, Estonia and Finland, therefore we can also lend a helping hand in the neighboring countries when it is necessary to repair and manufacture some cardan shafts (prop shafts).

In order to receive more information, please contact our specialists and we will be glad to provide you some consultations and answers to all of your questions.